vanessa castro is a video editor and multi-discplinary artist working with video, music, and 2D/3D visual art.

Clients include: Adult Swim, Condé Nast Entertainment, IM Motors, David Zwirner Gallery, Dion Lee, The Joyce Theater,, Resonant Pictures, Springer Nature, Sumerian Records, Vice Media, Vox Media, W Magazine


  Color for Nighttime’s “Curtain is Closing”
Directed by Leah van der Werff & Eva Louise Goodman

Edit, SFX, GFX, Color
& Animation for Adult Swim’s NEW GAME
Directed by Amy Zimmer

Edit & Color for LEYA feat. Eartheater released by NNA Tapes
Directed by Eartheater

10”x10” Risograph Print for Sale printed by Lucky Risograph

Solo EP ‘Sou’ released by Never Content




︎ @v.anessa_c.astro
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